Our Commitments
To ensure we offer the best service

Ladies And Gentlemen,

Welcome to the ESF in Vars, to ensure you have a very successful and enjoyable stay in the resort, we commit ourselves to the following points. Our goal is to ensure safety, quality of teaching and making skiing fun for all, children and adults alike.

ESf Var pledges to:

limit the size of group lessons in skiing and snowboarding

Group lessons for both children and adults will be limited to a maximum of 10 students at all levels. If exceeding the number set by the pledge in 2 or more consecutive lessons, the ESF will reimburse 50% of the lesson relevant to all participants.

Improve communication between Parents & instructors

ESF in Vars is committed to improve contact with parents/guardians of the children in their care. Group lesson instructors will be available on Thursday 15 minutes before the end of the lesson if parents wish to speak to them.

3)  Safety is our first objective

ESF in Vars will make every effort to ensure that lessons are kept to time and students are returned to their parents / guardians on time and safely. In case of delay or any incident parents will notified as soon as possible.

4) support the initiation to skiing from an early age, with dedicated areas and supervision from specially trained instructors to teach young children

Discover the first steps to skiing and other snow games:
  • P'tits Poussins - from the age of 2.5 years old
  • Club Piou-Piou - from the age of 4 years old

5) respect the the times of lessons

The instructors will respect the times of the lessons and services sold.

6) giving our instructors an international education

ESF Vars are committed to thorough training and education of our instructors in both English and French. 

>> Download and view our "Quality of education" charter in format PDF