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For your children get the most out of their ski lessons, please :
  • Dress them properly : ski jacket, gloves, sun glasses, sun cream, tissue
  • Put your kid's name on its clothes and equipment (skis, boots, helmet)
  • Please do not follow your kid lesson and do not call him during the lesson
  • Let the instructor know about your kid health issues
  • Helmet is recommended for kids
  • Let the instructor decide if your kid need to change its ski level
  • Please keep in mind your kid is in vacation and the first goal is to have fun. So take it easy, your kid won't be a ski champion, let them progress at their own path.


For proper lessons operation please follow this rules :
  • Get your e-ticket lesson for the lesson
  • Show your e-ticket to your instuctors at the beginning of the lesson
  • The e-ticket is only for the person name on it
  • Show up on time for your lesson. If you arrive late your lesson will not be refund or make up for lost time
  • Get your ski pass for the lesson
  • Dress properly for skiing and warm

Terms of sale :
  • esf Vars declines all responsibility for material or body injury that may occur during the lesson
  • esf Vars reserves the right to cancel or regroup its lessons if there is less than 4 persons in group lesson
  • esf Vars weather forecast conditions, ski lift breakdowns or other incidents cannot be attributed to ESF. Consequently, there will be no refund or make up for lost
  • esf Vars does not insure clients, we highly advice you to get insurance